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Community Projects

In an attempt to provide the best possible medical care to our maternity patients at Lake County Health Department NorthShore Health Center, many of whom are Latina immigrants, we initiated a pilot group prenatal program in November, 2015. These group visits are integrated with routine individual prenatal visits, and provide the women with an opportunity to learn from and share with others who are due to deliver around the same time period. We had a total of 11 women participate in this first pilot, 8 of whom attended 2 or more sessions. In the coming academic year, we plan to have 2 groups, each led by one 3rd-year resident and one 2nd-year resident.
Nuestro Centro
Nuestro Centro is a community center in Highwood, that offers after school programming and events for Latino families. Residents offer evening educational sessions here throughout the year. Topics have included stress reduction techniques, treating the common cold, the anti-inflammatory diet, GI health and common complaints, and cancer screening & prevention. This year, proceeds from our annual talent show, "Fam Jam" were donated to Nuestro Centro.

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